Graphic Artist search

Malaspina Choir is looking for a graphic artist to design its concert publicity and concert programs for the 2019-2020 performance season. You can download a copy of the information below by clicking here.

The successful candidate will need to produce the following material for the choir:

Promotional material for  three concert performances (November 17th, 2019; December 13, 2019 and May 2, 2020), including:

  • Promotional poster design (8.5 x 11, full colour)
  • design adapted for 3-up flyers 
  • high resolution b&w version of poster for newspaper ad
  • design to include all information and logos supplied by the choir
  1. Two concert programs, one fall and one for spring, including program covers, text material and advertising. All text supplied by the choir; advertisers are expected to provide camera-ready copy, but occasionally design work might be needed for ads.  Typically the programs are a maximum 12 pages (8.5 x 5.5 including border/page).
  2. A 50th anniversary “element” (for example a banner or a design feature – open to discussion) that will appear on all promotional material for this year.
  3. A 50th anniversary t-shirt, incorporating the anniversary design element and, if possible, to tie the t-shirt design to the spring concert poster design.

We expect to receive a first draft of each poster for consideration; a second design may be requested if the first is not considered satisfactory. Once the design is accepted, the final versions (including any corrections to text) of the poster, flyer and ad must be provided by the following deadlines:

  • September 23, 2019: for November and December concerts, final corrected poster and flyer designs in .pdf format
  • October 1, 2019: T-shirt design, final corrected version in .pdf
  • November 8, 2019: fall concert program (note: material for inclusion in program will be provided by deadlines negotiated with the successful candidate), .pdf format
  • March 9, 2020:  May concert final corrected poster and flyer designs in .pdf format
  • April 24, 2020: spring concert program, .pdf format

Remuneration: The choir has budgeted for this work based on previous experience. We expect candidates to provide an estimate of their time and charges for the work specified above. More information can be supplied on request.

Please submit your resume and work samples to:  no later than August 16, 2019. Potential candidates may be asked for an interview. Final decision will be made by August 26, 2019.