Board Message for Choir Members

Dear Malaspina Choir members ,

While you haven’t heard much from the Board since the lock-down, the Board has been working hard to make sense of the evolving Covid-19 restrictions and put together a season that protects our members while offering them an enriching experience.  We had hoped to introduce our new musical Director Fiona Blackburn at the picnic last month, and you will see below her vision for the Choir as a whole and for the fall season in particular.

We ARE going to have a fall rehearsal season, starting September 15th at St Andrews Church sanctuary, using masks, social distancing and cleaning as set out in the provincial and United Church guidelines.  See full details below in Fiona’s message.

With regards to membership, the board has decided to split our fees into two components: a $10 membership fee to be paid by all those who wish to be voting members of the Malaspina Choir Society for the year, whether or not they choose to sing this term/year, and an activity fee of $110 per term for members who wish to participate in rehearsals, workshops and any performances we might have. Membership in the Society is open to any person who has been a member of the choir in the past  and who wishes to support it during these unusual times. The activity fee is needed to cover our administrative costs including salaries for our director and accompanist and rental for St. Andrew’s. [NB: we are unable to rehearsal at VIU as the university has closed many of its buildings for at least the Fall semester. 

Members who are not coming back to active participation can drop off their Spring season music folders and/or their $10 membership fees to Strain and Company 101-360 Selby Street Nanaimo.  There is a mail slot for after-hours drop off.

THE DEADLINE to respond is August 31st.  We need to know how many members are coming back to rehearsals in order to plan repertoire and finalize our budget for the upcoming year. Please send your 'participation response' to Mari Lyn Kelly at

If you have any questions you can contact myself or any other Board member:  Mari Lyn Kelly, Carol Oosthuizen, Liz Cushman, Maria Cornthwaite, Gary Lamoureux, Sara Frisch. Thank you for your patience and your support of the Choir

Hope Leith, Chair


page updated 2020-8-24