Come to our Final concert for the 2016-2017 season: Canada 150th Birthday: To Canada with Love on Saturday April 29 at St Andrews United Church for a feast ofd Canadian music.  An additional feature of this concert is 'Accent on Youth,' and we will be joined by three local Choirs a well as by two VIU students.


Support the Choir and young singers:

Malaspina Choir is sponsoring an endowment fund which provides a bursary for a VIU Student enrolled in the Choral music program. The initial investment was made with a donation by Margaret Stevenson, a benefactor connected to the choir.  Please donate to support generous gesture to assist the development of younger singers.  

We're always looking for new members: your next opportunity to come sing with us will be in January, 2016 - rehearsals start January 10. You are welcome to attend the occasional rehearsal as a guest.


Visit Join the Choir  for more information; a choir registration form is posted there. Students at VIU can join the choir by registering for it as a course. You can also find us on facebook.



choir photo 2009-10